Thanks for July

You should see my fingers.  They are all "inky" from making my July thank you cards.   :)  How fun!  I filmed a video today showing you how to make, but it will take me awhile to edit.  The animals were running amuck!  I may have to film another video if you can't hear me over them. 

Here are 2 of the three little munchkins. The problem is that Bella(dog) thinks that Sasha(kitten) is her new toy.  Sasha thinks that Bella's wagging tail is her prey.  Let the pouncing & chasing begin. 

Our new kitten, Sasha, wanted to "help" me take pictures of the cards.  She grabbed onto my camera strap.   I may have to put her in another room next time I try to do some "work".

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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Lynn McAuley said...

Beautiful cards with your sweet birds framed with your stamped doilies! Love the gorgeous wood grain backgrounds! So very lovely, Heather!