Hello Sunshine

I'll be back tomorrow to continue on my 100 days of creativity, but I thought I would pop on here today to let you know that Catherine Pooler's new Hello Sunshine release is in the store.  Lots of super cute summer graphics, florals, fun die cuts and more. 

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Happy Father's Day

My Family (aka The North's)
Scott, Me, Tyler & Michael
We had to take a picture of all our North faces with The North Face sign in the background.  This was at the Woodburn, OR outlets a couple of months ago. 

Today I am spending the day doing whatever my husband wants.  Usually that means cooking him his favorite meals and watching movies or sports.  Sometimes taking a drive to the coast and other times hanging in the backyard.  He has been such an incredible dad to our 2 children, and I enjoy taking a day to pamper him and let him know how very special he is.   

Michael (19), Me, Tyler (22) and Scott in the back

It takes many shots to get a family picture with all of us looking at the camera with our eyes open and not looking "goofy".  Can anyone relate?

Michael, Me and Scott, with Tyler hiding behind me

Our family in Weed, CA with Mt Shasta in the background

This Father's Day is also the first one my dad and his brother will be spending without their dad.  My grandpa passed away in late April.  Life is so precious and goes so fast.  I'm reminded to enjoy the moments I get to spend with my dad.  It's easy to let life get too busy to take the time to call, but I know that one day, all too soon, I won't be able to call him or take a trip to go see him.  So, I treasure these moments and the time I have.

Dad & I 2017

Mom, Tyler, Dad & Michael Spring 2019

Me, Tyler, Dad and Michael

Dad receiving grandpa's flag for service in the Navy during WWII.  I am sitting just behind him in this picture (with my sunglasses on) and our oldest son, Tyler's, face can be seen just above the hand on the flag. 

For those of you who no longer have your dad in your life or who were never able to become a father, my heart goes out to you.  Father's Day can be a painful reminder of what you have lost or may never have had.  {hugs}

To all of you who are dad's or who have stepped in the gap for a dad that is gone, I salute you.  Hope you feel as special and loved as you are.


Ellen Huston Sale

My doggy got ahold of my Silver Brush Round #2 while I was sick and it didn't end well for my watercolor brush.  I went to Ellen Huston today to order a new one and found out they are having an "overstock sale".  Woo-Hoo!!!  30% off items in that category using code JOY19

 to shop the sale now.  

Thank you, Ellen Hutson!
Happy creating!

Day 6 of 100 Days of Creativity

I'm one of those people that struggles to just sit and watch TV.  Can you relate?  I've been stamping out images of new stamps several times on different types of paper and keeping them beside me in the den.  When hubby is watching something and I just can't sit still I can grab one of those papers and play with different coloring mediums.  Some will make it to cards, and others will be failed color combos.  To make this easier I have my Copics and Zigs in containers that can easily be carried from my craft room to my stamping room.  

For this particular image I grabbed a few Zigs in colors I knew I wanted to use and then for the others I used my paint pallette.  There was this perfect Aqua that I wanted to see on the camper.  ;)

It was difficult for me to get the true colors with my camera.  (Sorry about that)  The second image is closer to the true colors.  I wanted to experiment with grounding the campers by added a bit of shadow/dirt.  Not sure I like the end results, but I think all 4 could easily be turned into cards.  My plan is to give them to my mom so she can send cards when they are out camping for extended times.  She is retiring soon and plans to spend most of their summers traveling in their 5th wheel. 


Day 5 of 100 Days of Creativity

One thing I love to do is use my craft supplies to make things for non-crafty stuff.  For example, adding letters to a low-profile cooler for a door prize at our Corvettes de Olympia meeting.  The trunk space in a Corvette is minimal to say the least.  Our club likes to take several runs and tours in the summer months and it can be difficult to find a low profile ice chest that doesn't take up a ton of space.  I found this at our little local grocery store and had to pick one up. 

I used my Brother Scan-N-Cut to die cut the letters out of this cool "carbon fiber" style vinyl.  Later I found a cut file on Etsy for the Corvette emblem, but then couldn't figure out how to get Canvas nor my machine to read it.  Oh well.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.  I think I need classes on how to use my machine.  I've had it for a year and half and used it only a handful of times.  Sad story, but true story.

Before applying the letters I used some alcohol wipes to make sure the lid was clean & dust free.  It dries quickly. 
How do you like my method of lining up those letters?  I put them on my grid mat and used post it note tape to keep them on a straight line to transport to the lid.  Here is the final result.  I hope whoever wins it loves it.  If not, I will gladly take it back.  :)


Day 4 of 100 Days of Creativity ~ Thanks

Here we are at Day 4 of daily crafting.  Today I decided to just take an unfinished card and scraps on my desk and turn them into a card.  The background of this one layer card was stamped before Easter.  I was working on a couple of different card ideas to give to a friend of ours that was being baptized.  For this reason I wanted the card to have a springtime masculine feel.  (not easy to do, but colors make all the difference)

One trick for this card is to stamp the lighter colors closer to the middle of the card, getting darker as it gets to bottom.  A light sponging from the bottom up finishes that area nicely.  For this card I added a thanks die cut combined with stamping of "A Note To Say".   The card felt a little empty, so I decided to stamp a butterfly and color it with Zigs.  It didn't turn out perfect, but it is still a nice enough card to send to show my gratitude.  

Butterfly Notes

Wild Garden

Premium White Cardstock