Sunday Share

Welcome to 4th of July in our neighborhood.  I still remember the awe I felt on that first 4th of July up here in Washington.  The skies lit up with fireworks from all around us.  I've never seen anything like it.   Here is a short video of some of our fireworks.  Pull up your lawn chair and enjoy the show, it will (almost) be like you are right in our neighborhood.

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Avery was prepared this year with some sound blocking earphones.  They really helped.  :)

We had a full moon.  It was lovely to look at, but hard to photograph.  :)

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Mum of 4 said...

Thank you for sharing your fireworks with us. We lit off some of those lanterns as well. They are so neat!!!

Heather North said...

They are very pretty. We forgot to light our lantern, but I got our neighbors lighting one of theirs. :) I think they would be nice to release at a wedding.