New Year ~ New Goals

Like so many of you, when the new year rolls around I look at it like a fresh clean start.  Each year I set new goals for myself and plan ways to achieve them.

The week before Christmas my husband said to me, "the problem with your cards and quilts and even your scrapbooks, is that you make them for everyone else.  You need to make something for yourself."   This got me thinking, and led me to my first sewing challenge goal for 2014. (Clicky)  I do love making things for other people.  It makes me feel good to make someone happy because of time I spent creating and giving.  The process of creating is what fulfills me.   Although, I am taking my husband's advice and I will be working on some of the projects I have planned for myself and our home.  :)

2014 will be a year of challenges and changes in our family.  I have two family members in CA facing some serious medical issues.  Our oldest son will be graduating high school in the Spring and starting college in the Fall.  As he embarks on manhood I'm sure there will be changes here at home.   Our youngest son will also be graduating this Spring from Middle School and he will begin high school in the Fall.  Our babies are growing up and my roll as mom is changing as well.

One thing that always seems to help me in times of stress is to get creative.  Whether I am making cards, working on my scrapbooks or starting a new quilt project.   I come away from my craft room feeling better than when I went in.   Sometimes while I am creating I spend that time thinking, praying and working things out in my mind.   Other times I just get lost in the creativity and ideas flowing from my fingertips.  Either way I walk away feeling better than when I went in and ready to face the rest of my day/week.

With all that in mind, I have decided my word for this year is "Happy".  It will be a year filled with tears, but through those tears I want to remember happy times, do things that make me happy, and spread that happiness to others.  With that in mind here are my goals:

1) Keep the word Happy in mind as I create (see above)
2) Learn and grow in my creativity (Copics, needle turn applique, FMQ, new card ideas, etc.)
3) Share what I learn and encourage others
4.) Bless others through the creativity God has blessed me with

Here are some of my specific creative goals.

1) Continue to post 4-7 days a week
2) Put up 3 videos a month (or more...I want to make my goals attainable and this gives me room for busy times and sick days)
3) Enter at least one challenge a week
4) Join 1 or 2 more design teams  (what can I say?  I love a challenge!)

1) Send out a card a week to my grandma in assisted living
2) Send 3 encouragement cards a month
3) Explore new stamp companies and find items that feed my creativity
4) Work on Christmas cards all year long so I can send even more cards next Christmas.  :)

1) Set aside one day a month to work on my scrapbooks
2) Get my pictures off the dying computer and printed
3) Make 3 mini albums
4) Research scrapbook albums and find a new one now that Creative Memories has closed its doors.

1) Enter ALYOF each month and complete at least 8 finishes (actually I want to do all 12, but if I make the goal 8 I know I can reach it)
2) Complete all BOM (Block of the Month) for SSMQG (South Sound Modern Quilt Guild) I will make a second block for myself if it is a pattern I like.  (most of them are)
3) Make a quilt for every member of our family (this might be the hardest goal on this entire list!)
4) Spend time each month working on FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) and decide if it is something I want to master and invest in or if it would be better to send my quilts out to be quilted. (or this could be the most difficult goal.  I really want to master FMQ, but I must admit I have a looooong way to go)

These are just some of my attainable goals. What are your goals for 2014?  If you have blogged about it I would to see your link in the comments. ;)

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of great goals there! Would you ever consider some form of mid or longarm quilter? I have never been any good at FMQ, and even with a walking foot, my quilting isn't that great, but with a longarm arm - wow, I could really get creative. I did it for ten years as a business and loved it, but it wouldn't fit in the fifth wheel. =) My quilting blog has a whole tab for goals. My stitching blog only has a post.

Heather North said...

Actually I have been considering it. Especially a mid-arm. I tried one out at a quilt expo recently and fell in love with it. Perhaps when the kids move out and I can stick it in one of their rooms. ;) In fact that is one of the things I have been trying to decide. Do I want to upgrade my little sewing machine to one that will do it all or do I want to hold out and save up for a mid-arm. I'm so impressed that you were a long armer! I had to chuckle at the thought of fitting one of those beasts into a 5th wheel. :D

For some reason I didn't know you had two blogs. I'll check them out a little later. Now it's time to pick up the kids from school and go to the dentist.

Nancy B said...

I like the idea of goals much better than "resolutions" that get broken pretty quickly. Goals for the year can be on-going in a much more relaxed way. (I don't work well under pressure.) I told my friend and SU demo (same person) that this is the year I get my stamping room under control and make cards ahead of when I will need them. I am also keeping a Gratitude Journal on a daily basis. Thanks for the inspiration! Been there, done that with my son, who has just graduated with his Masters degree. Lots of planning ahead! Keep us up to date! Nancy B

Heather North said...

I couldn't agree more, Nancy. Goals seem reachable and flexible. Resolutions sound firm and resolute. :) I like your goals for the year. They seem achievable and will make a positive difference in your life.