Sew Saturday ~ In Progress

My sewing machine has seen some action this week.  :)  First up, my half square triangle quilt top is sewn together.

Now I need to decide if I want to do borders, what size, how many, which color/pattern design????  How would YOU finish this quilt?  I'm leaning towards no borders because I can't come up with something that will pull it all together.  Below is the gray scale version from my camera.

Since I was avoiding putting the mitered borders on my jelly roll race quilt, I decided to sew on some cards this week too.  Nothing like procrastinating on my ALYOF goal that I set for myself this month.  ;)

Did you know that you can sew on your cards?  Sewing through paper is SUPER easy!  It doesn't shift or move as much as fabric and the needle goes through paper like buttah.

Enough of sewing triangles.  I really do need to get the JRRace quilt done in time to give it to my guild in early December.  I'm happy to report that last night I finished the mitered borders.  If I can just decide how to quilt it, perhaps I can get started on that this weekend and maybe even have it finished next week.

The month is halfway done and I am 1/3 of the way to reaching my ALYOF goal.  Will I make it in time?  If I can decide soon how to quilt this thing, then I think I can.


Elaine M said...

Oh My Goodness the quilt is beautiful!!! Great design and colors.

JoAnn said...

You have been a busy lady. Your quils are beautiful and so are your cards. Love the sewing on the cards.