Sunday Share ~ Pioneer Square, Seattle

Every year on the last week of summer vacation I take the kids on a fun day trip.  This year we went to Pioneer Square in Seattle, WA. 

It was beautiful, and I am so glad we went.   The boys played chess on the giant chessboard set up in the square.

We took the Underground Tour and saw what was under the streets of Seattle.  The tour included entertaining retelling of some of Seattle's history.  This picture is taken of the old storefront windows that now look out to a concrete wall.  :)  We were literally walking on sidewalks under the sidewalks where people walk today.

Below is a picture I took while on the tour of the sidewalk above us at street level.  They put glass into the "new" sidewalk to act as a skylight for the sidewalk below.  The glass has turned a pretty shade of purple, but my camera battery died so I couldn't get a good shot of it above ground.  :( 

I love the hanging baskets and greenery you find all over the city.  Even with the lack of rain we've had this summer, the Emerald City is still beautiful. 

This is a picture of the alleyway we came out on during the tour.

Across the street from where I parked was this lovely "little" waterfall park, right in the middle of downtown Seattle.

There were benches, tables and  chairs for people to rest and eat.  If I worked close by I'm sure I would be spending many of my lunch breaks here.

It was another successful "Last Day of Summer Vacation Field Trip.  The tradition continues.  This one was bittersweet because it might be the last one with both of my boys.  Next year Tyler will be in college.   I try not to think about that too much though because it makes me cry.  Michael said he still wants to continue our tradition even if it's just the two of us.  <3  Gotta love that kid!

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Kristie Goulet said...

Sounds like the perfect day! Michael is so sweet!

Heather North said...

Thank you. It was a wonderful day. My kids have taught me to enjoy the everyday moments because they are the ones that become priceless.