Sew Saturday + A Card

Last weekend I made some progress on Tyler's quilt and yesterday I made a little more, but in between I haven't worked on my sewing very much.  My cat, Sasha, was so happy to be fighting me for my sewing chair yesterday.  I think she missed me being in there for the past few days.  :)

I have about 19 blocks left to sew for the sides and bottom, then I have to decide what is going in the middle.  I can do more of these disappearing 4 patches or new design I am trying to work with.  For now I am just plugging away at all my blocks and trying not to think about the math I will need to do if I create my own center block pattern.  :)

I designed this card for our guild to use.  It's based on the image from the top of the South Sound MQG blog.  I would like to make a few more that our blank or have a different sentiment so we can send a card with our quilts.  My goal was to make it clean and simple.  I think that is part of what modern quilting is.  Clean lines with lots of  "white space".

In addition to working on Tyler's quilt and trying to finish the rest of the blocks this week so I can sew them all together next weekend, I have chosen my fabrics for our Block of the Month.  I'm seriously thinking about making an entire quilt out of these colors and our BOM patterns.  We will see how the next few months go, but I want to make a quilt with Aqua, Red and White.  I've been collecting fabrics in these colors, so I may just be able to pull it off.

What are your sewing plans this weekend?  It's time for me to get ready for my husband's company picnic, but I hope to get some time in my sewing room when I get back.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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