Sew Saturday

This has been a great sewing week despite my lingering headache.  I've been able to do at least a little something each day in my sewing room.  The result is that Tyler's quilt is making good progress.  First I sewed all the 5" squares into a 4 patch.  This part went fairly quickly.  Next I put them up on the design wall to see how the colors & patterns looked together.  My son came in and said it looked like a chess board.  :)  This give me an idea for another quilt. ;)

Now things slow down a bit as I am having to do each block one at a time.  I'm not working with a pattern, so I can't just chain piece.  It is worth it though, because I am really liking how it looks.  My spinning rotary mat is worth it's wait in gold for this process.

To make this block I am lining up my ruler on the 1" line down the center of the block and making a cut, then rotating the mat 90 degrees and repeating the process all the way around the block.  Once all the pieces are cut your block will look something like this.

Next I swapped the four outer squares and then rotated the center 4 patch square 90 degrees.

It's a block with a lot of impact and not as hard as it may look.  Today I learned that I can't sew these together very well while talking and listening to others.  Our quilt guild had a sew-in and at the last minute I was able to go.  I only made about 6 blocks and probably ripped out at least 6 seams because I sewed them to the wrong piece.  A pattern would have been soooooooooo helpful today.  Perhaps I should make one up for myself.

Here we have the first two completed blocks I made back on the checkerboard wall.  I'm still trying to decide whether or not to frame these blocks.  I probably won't, but I might make this pattern again and do it on the next one.

At this point I'm still not sure how big I will be making this quilt.  Tyler's over 6' tall so I am leaning towards a longer quilt top he can put on his bed or cuddle up with on the couch for family movie night.  I have 16 blocks done so far, and 30 or 40 more blocks ready to become finished blocks.  :)  This is the fun part of being able to design the quilt myself.  I have no idea what it will become, but I'm having fun in the process and I'm happy with our fabric choices.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


mennikelly said...

The blocks you made look fabulous! I'm glad you got a chance to come and thank you for making it such a pleasant experience!

Heather North said...

It was great sharing space with you and watching you quilt. You sew with speed. :) I'm looking forward to seeing what all those half square triangles become.

Anonymous said...

These blocks look good on point, too. We used that design for lotto blocks one month. multi-colored set solid, top row, right. Third row center has red ones set on point.

Heather North said...

They do look good on point. I may have to play a bit with my design now. :) Actually I plan to make several quilts with this basic block as a starting point.

Lisa said...

I really love how you did that! I do a lot of four square, thank you for the inspiration!

Jane Holbrook said...

Nice. Worth the effort in my opinion. Really simple, modern, and stunning. Hope your headache is gone!

Michelle@factotum-of-arts.com said...

I love how great the redesign of the block looks!!

Heather North said...

Thank you!