Sew Sunday ~ Grand Central Clue 3 part 1

Update on Clue 3 for the Grand Central Mystery QAL from Sew On The Go.  

This one was fun to start with.  In fact I almost got all 3 weeks done last weekend.  On Sunday before the Superbowl I pulled all the remaining fabrics from my assorted brights and was able to use all different ones from the ones I used for clue #1.  I'm not sure if it will make my finished quilt look more scrappy or too busy, but I love these colors & fabrics so much.  It's fun seeing them being cut down and sewn together again.  My first step was to make all the cut all the pieces into the sizes called for, including half square triangles, then I began sewing strip sets.

I was having a blast sewing strips together and sewing them together again just like I thought the picture showed, until I realized I read the instructions wrong.  If you read yesterday's post, you're not surprised are you?  My personal "learn from my mistakes...twice" lesson last week was certainly to pay more attention to instructions and information, especially for a mystery quilt without videos. <insert seem ripper>

Once that was done and I was headed on the right path, I began zipping through the sewing.  Everything was going at lightening speed and I was impressed with how quickly this step was coming together.

Michelle gives us fabulous tips on her blog as well as in the downloads she makes available.  I couldn't remember how to make the center seem twist open, but using her instructions made it so easy!  Thank you, Michelle!  Even if you aren't following along with this mystery, I encourage you to read her blog posts.  She gives such good information.  She is a good teacher with lots of pictures to help visual learners, like me, understand.

This is the point where I ran into a snag.  I thought I had the ruler I needed, but turns out, I don't.  I have the tucker trimmer and the wing clipper, but what I needed was the Tucker Trimmer and the Large Square Squared ruler from Studio 180 designs.  Ruby Street Quiltworks used to carry all the Studio 180 Designs rulers, but they are sadly out of business.  :(  So, it has been ordered and I will play catch-up when it gets here.  In the meantime, Michelle released clue 4 on Friday, so I have something to work on while I wait for USPS to bring my ruler to me.  If I run out of current projects to work on I can always clean up my sewing room or work on an UFO.  (I can't let that happen though.  LOL)

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