Postcard for a Stamp Collector

This postcard comes with a story.  My friend, Freda, from Alabama did a calendar swap with our group of online crafty friends.  ***Sidenote- my online crafty friends are some of my BEST friends. This means YOU. ***

This is my second time participating in the calendar swap.  Freda sends everyone their blank calendar pages.  We create our designated month and then send them back to her.  She collects and separates the entire year and sends them back to us.  I try to include a little hostess gift to thank her for all she does to make this swap happen. 

A few months before the swap was due she mentioned going to the post office and them being sold out of the Mr. Rogers stamps.  Since she lives in a different state I thought I would see if any of our local post offices had some.   The search began...

The small post office in my town didn't have one.  Neither did the one in the next town over.  One day I was out driving checking out the new distribution center and decided to keep going on that road to see where it would go.  It led me to a small town with a tiny post office.  I stopped in and asked if they had any Mr. Rogers stamps.  The lady working there was so kind.  She did an internet search and then took down my information and said she would look into it further and see if she could find it for me.

She called me back within 48 hours letting me know that one of her customers had what I was looking for.  Not only did he get me a book of stamps, but he had a printed out packet of all the "Rogers" featured on US Postal stamps.  I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of these two people.  I made this postcard to thank the gentleman that sold me his stamps and the flowers in the background were from my garden for the postal worker.

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