Crochet and Kitties

Not sure what it is about fibers, but my cats love them.  They especially love yarn.  This adventure started with Facebook.  I saw a beautifully crocheted Bolero lace jacket. I clicked on the link to buy it and discovered it was a crochet pattern.  :(  I posted the link on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to make one for me.  Nobody jumped on it.  Imagine that.  I tried to forget about it, but Facebook kept putting the ad on my page.  Finally it dawned on me that I might be able to learn how to crochet on youtube, so I started watching crochet videos on youtube and bought some yarn at Hobby Lobby.

This is when I discovered how much my cats like yarn.  Everytime I worked on my blanket, they would be on my lap.  When I put the finished piece over my chair, they suddenly started sleeping on top of my chair.  :)

While working on my first blanket, my husband said he wanted one too, in blue.  So, I got more yarn and started working on one for him.  He is 6'2", so finding a blanket long enough to cover his feet can be a challenge. I don't have a picture of the finished afghans (is that what they're called?), but I have plenty of the cats on me while working on them. 

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