Dy 17 of 100 Days of Creativity ~ Sew Sunday

Technically these pieces weren't created during the 100 days, but I don't think I've shared them with you yet and I love these bright colors.  Not to mention, the fact that I learned how to create them.  I took a sewing class at our local Quality Sewing & Vac with my friend, Mandy. I decided to make 2 blocks instead of one.  In the class I made the white background pieces.  I wanted to see the contrast of a black background and a white background.

Paper piecing was confusing to me and I'm so glad I took this class.  Sometimes you need an instructor that can help you work through your struggles.  I didn't finish the block while at the class.  I did use my seem ripper lots!  haha In the end though, I'm so glad I figured it out because I LOVE the sharp angles and tiny pieces that line up perfectly!

Now that the blocks are done, I need to decide how to finish them.  I'm considering making them into 2 small wall hangings.  They would also make cute pillows.  I could combine them into one wall hanging, perhaps adding another block or two. 

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