Day 15 of 100 Days of Creativity ~ Feather Painting Practice

For those who don't know, I am a Rodan + Fields skincare consultant.  My team is called "Dream Chasers".  I chose this name because we don't just day dream, but we CHASE our dreams.  Anytime I see a feather now it makes me think of our team.  Something about that symbol makes me think of making dreams come true.  When I saw they were doing a row of feathers for Let's Make Art I got very excited.   Then, like I usually do, I became fearful of tackling it because I didn't want to fail.  That's when I took out a piece of watercolor paper and gave myself "permission" to just practice and play with the feather concept.  Here is one of those practice pieces. 

I actually really love the texture of the blooms I was getting on that feather.  My finished feather did not turn out as eye-catching as this practice one.  Funny how that works.  When I was just "playing for fun" I made something I enjoyed far more than when I was trying to do what the teacher was doing and "get it right".  Lesson learned. 

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