Day 16 of 100 Days of Creativity ~ Corvette C7 Cooler

Do you remember the cooler I decorated and donated to Corvettes de Olympia for a fundraiser raffle?  Here is another one I made just for my family to take on trips.  The first one I only did the background image of the C7 emblem because I was in a hurry and didn't have time to redo if the cut file didn't cut the intricate emblem the first time.  For our cooler I took the time to try out the complete image and I'm glad I did.

Obviously this cut file wouldn't work for everyone, but you could die cut any image, name or word you want to out of vinyl to customize your cooler or lunch box.  It's oddly fun to do this.  Of course, I've always like playing with stickers.

My tip for transferring all those little vinyl pieces is to use Glad Press'n Seal.  It has a low tack that keeps everything in place without leaving a sticky residue.

p.s. I found this cut file on an Etsy site.  Sorry I didn't save the link, but I'm sure you can find it with a quick search.

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