Washi Tape Goes Back To School

It's back to school time for many of us and I found a new use for my washi tape... decorating book covers and binders.  My son needed a book cover for his extra large books, so we went old school and pulled out the paper bags.

Covering these books with my son brought back memories.  He will probably add camo duct tape and draw jets or something else on the front, but I got to them first and introduced him to Washi Tape.  The WA is for his Washington History class, the other one just has a few strips in the corner.  He thought it would be cool to run the strips of Washi Tape on an angle across the entire cover of his book.  It would, but I don't have enough Washi Tape for that.  ;)

Epic Day This And That Designer Washi Tape
Epic Day Washi Tape
I thought I had the new Witches Brew Washi Tape, but apparently I didn't order it.  He would have liked that one too.  He will probably need a new cover before Halloween rolls around, so perhaps I should order him his own set.  :)

Witches' Brew Designer Washi Tape
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Have you used any of your craft supplies as back to school embellishments?  I think it would be great to stamp the front of these paper bag covers.  What do you think?  It could also dress up a Binder.   The Gingham Garden Washi Tape would be great for girls who love flowers or like pink.  We shall see what my son ends up doing.  I've learned that teenage boys have a mind of their own and I like to see what he comes up with when he gets creative.

Today I loaded up the 148 pictures I have taken this week.  Holy smokes, it's been a busy week. I won't bore you with all of them, but I will likely do a Sunday Share to show you a few highlights.    The picture above is in the hallway at the local Middle School.  Come back tomorrow to see my Crazy Cat blocks for the SSMQG challenge.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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