Sew Saturday ~ Stitch in the Ditch

My goal for this month is to work on my practice quilt and finish it.  Specifically I want to practice  my Free Motion Quilting. (FMQ)  I'm just a beginner and have a looooooooong way to go.  In late May I took my first class on FMQ on your home machine.  In June I had a bad case of Vertigo and didn't do any FMQ until last week.  That was too long of a break for a beginner.  When I tried to FMQ it was a disaster.  I keep reminding myself that practice will make me better, but looking at the practice work is painful and I wonder if I will ever be able to FMQ.  I really want to be able to quilt my own quilts, so I will keep on trying. 

After playing around on a few practice sandwhiches I also reminded myself that the pink "quilt" is just a practice quilt of uneven scrap pieces.  It is just a tool for me to use, so I got to work on it.  I decided to stitch in the ditch on all those straight lines.  It frames each of the four blocks nicely and it gave me a bit of a confidence boost.

Next I decided to use a stencil for the two white blocks.  One of the things I learned in my FMQ class is that if using a stencil gives me more confidence in my FMQ then it is ok.

I was watching a video on YouTube and saw a lady using some special glue dots to adhere her stencil, temporarily, to her quilt top.  Brilliant idea.  I don't know exactly what she used, but I just went to my stamping room and pulled out my Stampin' UP! Mini Glue Dots.  They worked great!   It's fun to find multiple uses for the things I already own. :)

Can you see the little glue dot that my pencil is pointing to?  The pencil is new to me too.  I'm experimenting a lot on this quilt to see what works best for me.  I have another practice quilt that I showed last week for experimenting with too.  It seems smart to just jump in and try new things on quilts that I plan to use for the dogs.  They won't care if my stitches are even or my thread is too loose on the back.  ;)

It's fun to see this little piece coming together.  It already feels like a quilt.  One thing I will tell you though, I am ready to get back to my quilt tops.  It is way more fun for me to sew those than work on the actual quilting.


I'm linking up to the mid-month check in on A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Thanks for the accountability, Melissa.  I will be working on my two white blocks this weekend and deciding on what to do with my pink blocks so that I can get this quilt done.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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