Sew Saturday ~ Scraps

In an effort to use up my scrap stash instead of just storing it I have made a second practice quilt with leftover fabric from a couple of projects.  So far only one member of my family likes it.  That's ok, it's just for me to practice my free motion quilting on.

There are still a few more scraps I plan on adding to the back.  Is it as bad as my family seems to think it is or is it just more modern than they are used to?  I don't know.  I do like the improvised piece in the bottom left.  I created that design myself.  It's probably been done before, but I've never seen it before.

Now for confession of a wanna-be quilter.  With my old machine I had a piece of tape marking the 1/4" line, and the outer edge of my presser foot was a scant 1/4".  On this new machine I didn't have tape because it has a 1/4" line on the plate.  I quickly discovered this was not accurate.  At least not for the scant 1/4" we quilters need.  I tried lining up my edge with the edge of my presser foot, but this didn't work either.  

I bought a 1/4" presser foot and lined up my fabric with the outer edge of the foot, and it still was a bit too big.  Ugh!  Even with the needle in the far right position.  I was at a local fabric store and saw this low tack bright tape and decided I was going to just mark out the 1/4" line and do it the old fashioned way that worked for me for years.

In order to get a perfect line I also got this handy ruler.  The needle fits right into the pre-drilled holes so you can be sure you are sewing accurately.  At first I thought it might be a waste of money, but I am glad I got it!

After fitting the needle into the holes I made the brilliant discovery that I had been lining up my fabric with the wrong edge of the presser foot.  I could have smacked myself in the forehead.  It seems so silly to me now. 

I was lining up with the outer edge, when I was supposed to be lining up with the edge of that long piece sticking out the front.  I wondered why it was such an odd shape.  I figured it was just to give me more sight of the fabric going in.  There is always something new to learn or learn again.   Now that I figured out the correct way to use my presser foot, I am hoping that I will have fewer struggles with having my points line up. 

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


mennikelly said...

Did you sneak any cat fabric in? It took me awhile to figure out the 1/4 inch mark on my older machine. Combine that with not knowing that I should trim things to size = lots of cut off points. And that bottom left corner creates some fun lines to do practice quilting! Hope you are having a wonderful evening!

Heather North said...

Actually, I was just working on one of those cat fabric pieces. Have you worked on yours yet? What would you quilt in those stripes? I'm thinking I will probably do a different pattern in each section. That will be very good practice.