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This past week has been another busy one.  Company left on Monday, Tuesday the boys & I had a play day at a friend's house, Wednesday was laundry & ironing until my new iron broke, Thursday I was getting the house ready for more company to arrive on Friday when I got the call that Scott's aunt and uncle weren't going to be able to make it.  That meant I could focus on some quilting time Friday.  I decided to work on an old project and enter this month's "A Lovely Year of Finishes".

Most of this fabric was purchased when I still lived in CA, so it's at least 6 years old.  I used some of the fabric to make some practice blocks that didn't turn out so well.  That's what practice is for, right?  It taught me the difference between truly nice quality fabric and not-so-wonderful fabric.  My first thought was to throw the blocka away, then I decided that I could put them together with more fabric from the same stash and make a small quilt to practice my free motion quilting on.  

Can you see it?  Two of the block are crooked and not in a good way.  :)   I haven't done any FMQ practice since I got sick last month, so I am in need of some practice squares.  Making this "mistake" into a quilt seemed like a great solution. 

When I took the FMQ 101 and 201, I learned about this handy little tool, called a Kwik Klip, for closing safety pins.  I prefer to use curved safety pins.  I accidentally bought some really small ones, and this tool made it much easier to get the pins clasped without shifting the fabric too much.  

My goal this month is to quilt this puppy.  It will be my first Free Motion Quilted quilt if I can accomplish it.  I could use the practice because I am hoping to quilt my Star Shadow quilt too.  (If I ever get all the pieces cut and sewn for the top.)

Friday I got it all pinned and ready to go.  Hopefully I will have time next week to begin quilting it. Wish me luck!  Any ideas on what to quilt in those blocks?  I need to do something to either emphasize or take away from the crookedy squares.  :)  

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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