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Family share time.  I'll be back tomorrow with more creative projects.  <3

My "baby", aka my oldest son, is growing so fast.   It's hard to believe he will soon be an adult.  Where did the time go?  He will turn 17 at the end of this month, but his birthday present arrived a few weeks early. Last week he got his first truck.  He's been working with me to earn his half, my husband and I paid for the other half.  We figured this would teach him some responsibility and also show him how long it takes to earn that money.  It gives him pride in earning this himself, at least in part, and I think he will be more careful with it.  At least I hope so.

Anyway, last week my husband brought the truck home.  It's a stick shift and Tyler still has to learn how to drive stick shift, but he is excited to learn.  He didn't know his dad was bringing home the truck this early.  We asked him to go outside and turn on the water on the side of the house.  It took him a minute to realize his truck was parked beside his dad's.  Then he spotted me trying to capture his picture.

 It's been beat up a bit, but we got it at a good price.  T-Man is pretty happy with it.  :) 

His younger brother is still a little scared to go riding with him, but I am looking forward to NOT having to take Mikey to 6:30am Jazz Band practice.  :) 

He's never seen a "pink slip" before.  I told him this is proof that we now own it.  He looks so grown up in this picture that it makes me want to cry.  I just keep telling myself that all this growing up business will hopefully lead to grandchildren some day...many years from now.  ;)  It's wonderful and agonizing at the same time to watch my children grow up.  I finally know what mom meant when I was in high school.  The years fly by so fast.

We feel so blessed that this deal fell into our laps and that our son has worked so hard to earn his first vehicle.  He knows that the Lord provided for this truck and gave him the opportunity to earn it.  Please pray that the Lord protects him and all the others on the road when Ty is out there driving.   Now to find out how much this raises our insurance.  YIKES!

Dad takes him on his first ride in his new truck. 

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


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