Sew Saturday ~ Star Shadow Blocks

For about a month now I have been dealing with vertigo and recovering from fluid build up in my inner ear.  The dizziness is mostly gone, but I haven't sewn anything since the first week in June.  I miss it so much.  Funny how you can miss something you just started doing again after a 5 year break.  But I digress.

When the vertigo hit at its strongest point I wished I had finished my star shadow lap quilt so I could wrap up in it.  Then I wondered if I would ever sew again.  Thankfully I will!  :)  In fact, I plan to do some sewing today! 

Good Idea

I had left my Star Shadow quilt sitting while I worked on my blocks for the Oklahoma City quilt that our South Sound Modern Quilt Guild SSMQG was making for the tornado victims. I've been showing you those blocks and the finished quilts.   I never did show you my completed star block.

The pattern makes 3 different sizes of star blocks.  Pictured above is the medium one.  I just love the smallest one.  The ruler has a template for one size smaller.  I think I am going to try to make that size too and incorporate it into the quilt. 

Here are all the blocks I have finished so far.  I need to make several more of the small size.   That will be today's project.  When I started this I was going to make a wall hanging.  Now I want to make it into a lap quilt, so I will probably be making more blocks of all sizes.

In the meantime I have put up a design wall so I can see the blocks as I am working on them and arrange them into a quilt.  I might follow the pattern exactly, but I am considering changing it up a bit.   Do you want to create your own design wall?  It's super easy and temporary.  It can be taken down at any time in less than a minute. 

I took a large piece of flannel I bought for a flannel quilt and put it up on the wall with thumb tacks.  :)   The fabric just "sticks" to the flannel.  Isn't that cool?  You can use a flannel sheet or buy flannel at the fabric store.

I'm getting excited to see how this quilt comes together.  Our heat wave has passed and it is chilly here again in the mornings and evenings.  I feel sooooooooooo much better and it's exciting that I can craft and sew and create again.   Next week should be filled with blog posts. 

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


mennikelly said...

The blocks look beautiful. Are you bringing them on Wednesday to show off?

Heather North said...

I could, but I don't know how modern they are. What do you think?

mennikelly said...

Bring them and share anyway!