Sew Saturday ~ Sewing Again

A quick update on my star shadow blocks.  My goal this month is to get all the stars made.  I'm getting closer to that goal.  Of course, I still might make this into a larger quilt, which may mean making more blocks.  It's fun working with such pretty colors though. I have at least 8 small stars left to finish, but 6 of them are already started.

Wednesday I was able to use my rotary cutter and sew again.  If felt so good to know I was well enough to use those two "tools" again.  I avoided cutting or sewing when I couldn't see straight and focus.  I didn't need to lose a finger.  ;)   On Wed. I sewed my first block since early June.  On Thursday I sewed 2 more blocks. 

On Friday I felt good enough to start chain stitching 6 of the blocks.  They go together similarly to a log cabin, so chain stitching works well, once you have the pattern down.  Here you can see my finished small stars on the left and my "in progress" small stars on the right. 

Top picture is the finished block, bottom piece is the block "in progress".

Can you see the "log cabin"?  Perhaps it is just me, but each strip goes around the center strip.

It feels so good to be creating again.  I'm still behind on my cards needed for June and July, but I feel so energized when I am in the craft room.   It won't be long and I will be all caught up.  As for my sewing, I am going slow, but at least I am going forward.  I found "A Lovely Year of Finishes" on the Sew BitterSweet blog, and my goal for this month is to finish all these star blocks.  I'm pretty sure I am too late in the year to be eligible for anything, but I like the idea of setting goals & finishing what I have started. 

ALYOF on Sew BitterSweet Designs

After the guild meeting was over last Wednesday they left the store open for us to shop.  :)  I was just going to get some white fabric and perhaps some more thread.  Instead I found the perfect fabric for my son's next quilt.  :)  It's dangerous for me to go into a fabric store, especially on a good sewing day when I am energized to create.  Here are the fabrics I got.  For some reason the black fabric I meant to get never got cut and put in my bag.  I think it was because I was more focused on chit-chatting than getting black fabric.  Oh well.  That just means another trip to the fabric store.  :)

As you can see I "did" get my white fabric and some thread.  :)  Best part is that when I showed the boys they both liked this fabric.  I'm still on the hunt for some good red fabrics for Tyler's quilt, but I have found some great black, gray and white fabric.  It appears my love for paper also translates into love of fabric.  I better keep entering the lovely year of finishes or pretty soon I will be overwhelmed with ideas and projects without enough time to complete them all.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


mennikelly said...

My daughter and I love your fabric choices too. She's jealous of the blues!

Melissa said...

I love that you are sewing again! You are only too late for prizes this month, but you will be eligible for AUGUST! Can't wait to see more progress on your stars at our next guild meeting :)

Kristie Goulet said...

I love your stars, Heather! This quilt is going to look amazing!

Heather North said...

Thanks Kristie, me too!

Melissa, I didn't even know there were prizes every month. :) I just like the idea of FINISHING.