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Last week I moved my stamping out of the craft room in the garage and to the dining room table.   All so I could have a special stamping buddy at my side.  Our dog, Maximus, has been fighting cancer in his leg all summer.   Above is a picture of him on the 4th of July.

Maximus Aurelius North
July 4, 2014
On Tuesday the x-rays showed his leg had broken.  :(  He was still walking around on it and happy to go bye-bye.  We knew he wasn't ready to be put down, so we made the difficult decision to amputate.   Wednesday I debated on if we were making the right decision.  He was obviously in pain, but he wouldn't stay off his broken leg for long.

Thursday, 8-21-14 waiting to go to the hospital
Thursday morning he went in and we brought him home on Friday.  The vet hospital called us Friday morning to tell us Max was already up and walking on his own, trying to jump off the curb on the sidewalk.  He still wants to follow me wherever I go, so I'm trying to stay in one spot as much as possible, and not go up & down the stairs.

Maximus 8-22-14

While he was resting I was able to play with my box of new goodies from the Stampin' UP! holiday catalog and film 3 videos.  Woo-Hoo!  I would much rather our puppers felt better, but if we have to go through it at least I finally got some "stamp therapy".

Maximus North 7-4-14

For those of you who saw my Friday post, yes, we found out on the same day that Max's leg was broken and our friend's dog, Trixie, was going to be put to sleep the next day.  We had a tough decision to make, and it was tougher still because our friends were out of options for their beloved pet.   It's been an emotional week.  My head hurts, my back aches, my heart hurts and my soul is thankful, all at the same time.

For my Sew Saturday peeps- my plan was to show you an awesome finished top or two from the Jelly Roll Race our Quilt Guild was doing at Ruby Street Quiltworks on Friday.  Instead I picked up my dog from the vet and brought him home to take care of him.  My block is done for my ALYOF goal for August, but I will show that to you next week.  I'm sure you understand.

Last week did not go as planned, but it could have been so much worse.  Here's to a new week, filled with healing, stamping, sewing and perhaps some back-to-school shopping.  (along with Band Camp & Cross Country training for the high school boy)

Bunny visiting our backyard last week
Blessings to all of you.  Thank you for the prayers and kind words for our dog as well as our friends who lost their dog this week.  My blog readers and friends are the BEST!


Stephanie Poteet said...
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Stephanie Poteet said...

I am so glad to hear that Max is going to be okay now and I feel for your friends who lost their Trixie. Our family lost our beloved boy Zeus earlier this year and when I read about Trixie it brought tears to my eyes. It's amazing how our furry family members wrap themselves so tightly around our hearts... amazing and wonderful :)