Sew Monday ~ ALYOF August Goals

Now that August is here it is time to set my monthly goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Back in December or January I signed up for a Holiday Chic block of the month club at Ruby Street Quiltworks.  Each month we get a new pack with our supplies to make the block.  So far I have completed ZERO blocks.  I've never tried needle turn applique before so I was extremely nervous to start on this beautiful project.  This month  I am setting a goal to complete my first needle turn applique block.  If I don't make it a goal, it will never get done.

The vase in the upper left corner is my goal.  The picture shows the potential of what this quilt could become.   The hardest thing so far is figuring out where to get started.

I decided to start with the neck of the vase because the base and leaves both go over the neck.  To make it easier on myself I used fused the tiny pieces you see next to the red stick pin.  I couldn't figure out how to turn under that tiny black piece and I knew that would not be the best way to start my needle turn applique experience.  There was a good chance I would never try again if I had started there.  So far I have the inner curve on the right side of my vase neck sewn down.  It was easier than I thought it would be.   I find that I really enjoy sewing by hand when the stitches are hidden.  It's relaxing and nobody can see the uneven mess I make of the backside.

  Now it's your turn.  You still have 2 days to sign up with your August goals.  What would you like to sew this month?

ALYOF ~ August

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Sally said...

It's like a sweet little sampler~ Heather, that will just be darling when you finish it. This would be a Safe and Don't Use when it's finished. Lol Hang it~ :)