Sew Saturday

My first applique project is going very well.  The block is over half done.  Unfortunately I'm not at the point where there are several small points to turn and stitch.  This could take awhile, but I have the rest of the month to meet my August goal for ALYOF.

Last week was the Thurston County Fair.  Our quilt guild had a booth and after my shift volunteering I was able to take some pictures to share with you.  Each member that entered a quilt earned a ribbon. I'm so proud of our ladies.

 Pictured below on the top left is our quilt guild quilt.  It won a blue ribbon.  :)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get pictures of all the quilts because there was a demonstration at one end of the hall.  At the other end of the hall were presentations from "Quilts of Valor".  I was honored to see 4 quilts given away during my time working the booth and soon after.

Last, but certainly not least, one of our South Sound Modern Quilt Guild members, Kathleen Buchli, won people's choice on Thursday for her quilt pictured on the far left.  It inspired me to make the card you saw on my blog yesterday.  ;)

I never found the cards or scrapbooks.  By the time my shift was over it was too hot to go looking.  Next year, if I work up the courage, and keep one of my own quilts, I just might enter something.  Have you ever entered something in a local fair?  What was your experience like?


Sally said...

Thanks for sharing Heather~ I really enjoyed seeing all of the patterns and colors~ Years ago in Chattanooga, I entered my blueberry jam and mama's cake recipe she used for birthday cakes. Won 1st place on my jam and 2nd on my cake. I didn't take an iced cake as they said they would judge it on texture, etc. When I got there and saw all of these iced cakes, I was so embarrassed. Lol I still won 2nd place. :-) Not crafts but a "fair" experience~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the pictures of both quilts and veterans. What wonderful quilts - pretty sure I recognize at least one of them! How exciting to have spent time as a volunteer and seen all the terrific things. I miss the county fair in Phoenix. The state fair was great, but the county fair still had that country feel to it, even in the middle of the city. =)