Sew Sunday ~ ALYOF ~ August

My sewing goal for this month was to applique my first block for the Holiday Chic quilt.  It went faster than I expected, and I was able to finish almost 2 weeks ago, but I haven't posted a picture yet.  Today is the last day to link up with A Lovely Year of Finishes party.

There is some embroidery work and buttons to add, but I am going to wait to do that until I have all the blocks done.  I really enjoyed my first applique, and learned a lot in the process.  I still have loads to learn, through trial and error, I am sure.
ALYOF August

This summer has prepared me to make better goals for next summer.  I don't sew much when the weather is warm, so I need to have smaller goals.   This month's goal was perfect.  I also need to sew on light or bright colors in patterns that I love so that I will be drawn to the sewing room.  Does the weather outside affect your sewing too?   What tips do you have for summer sewing goals?

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Sally said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I just love this~ Behind on my blog reading~ Was simply stunned when I saw this~ :) I need a picture for this e-mail~