Scrapbook Sunday #7

Between the power outages, winter storms, baseball practices (yes during the storms!), work, getting ready for a trip to CA and everyday life & laundry, I didn't get a lot of scrapbooking time this week.  In fact I only did 4 pages.  I forgot to show you 2 last week, so I will include them today.  :) 

It's really not important how much you do in week, the point is to spend some time every day/week/month doing something creative.  In doing this you (and I) will FINISH our crafts/cards/scrapbooks and in the process our skills will improve. 

I will be flying home from CA today, but thanks to the magic of blogger I can schedule my posts ahead of time.  (8:56pm on Friday to be exact)

I used pink and it's not even a "girly" page!  This layout turned out better than I expected.  It shows some of the best things about summer here in SW WA.  Gorgeous sunsets almost every night, green grass even in July, Dogwoods blooming along with many other flowers... I think the summers here are what I love the most.
Scallop Edge Border Punch - by Stampin' Up!
Scallop Edge Border Punch

As for the page design, I'm sorry I didn't take close-up pictures for you.  Basically they are very similar, except they are turner 90 degrees from each other, and the LHS has pink textured cardstock in the center, with brown (soft suede) for the scallop border, while the RHS has that flipped- brown in the center, pink for the scallops. 
***Tip- if you have a group of pictures with differently lighting like I do above, one group really light & the other really dark, then try mounting the dark pictures on light cardstock and the light pictures on a coordinating dark cardstock. 

This next layout was the one I forgot to take pictures of last week.  It's really VERY simple, but it works because that old patterned paper I used is so BUSY.  That paper isn't even a true 12x12 it's like 11 3/4 x 11 3/4".  I almost just gave it away because I've had it for years and never used it. 

You really could use this layout design with any cardstock/stickers you have on hand that match your photos.  I was super excited when my 1" circle punch fit perfectly around the stars I punched out!
1 Inch Circle Punch - by Stampin' Up!
1" Circle Punch

For my last layout you can really tell I am now up to July 4th, 2009!  I'm halfway through 2009!!!! YAY!  If I keep up at the slow and steady pace I may just be able to finish all of 2009 AND 2010.  :)

***Tip- When you are printing your pictures pick 1-3 that you want to ENLARGE or even print in a smaller wallet size.  It adds focus and interest to your layout. 

Here's another quick tip for you... don't be afraid to put your stickers, papers or other embellishments ON your pictures.  Especially if they are acid/lignin free. They really lightened up these dark pictures.

Yes, these pictures were taken in my front yard!  My dear husband is more excited than a kid on Christmas when the 4th of July rolls around and he gets to play with fireworks. 

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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