Checking In

Hello My Creative Friends!

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes and check in with you.  I have some really cute cards to share with you and videos to make.   Last weekend was a gorgeous sunny day here in Southwest Washington.  Saturday was spent at the ballpark with my son's first practice game of the season.  Sunday my dear husband took me to the ocean.

We drove with the top down and I soaked up the rays of sun and breathed in the fresh air.  Perhaps I breathed in a little too much fresh air because my allergies are INFLAMED!  My nose and throat are raw, I been sneezing, my nose and eyes are watery.  WAH!!!  Basically I just haven't felt well.  

Hopefully with a little more Claritan and a good night's rest I will feel better by tomorrow.  For now I  need to go wash the dog, get ready to go to my son's parent teacher conference, pick up something for dinner, take the dog to the vet, drop off son at baseball practice and go to work.  No sick days for a mom, right?  It's going to be a long day.  Hope my nose stops running soon.  :)

Creative Blessings,

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