Nostalgic November Card Club

These are the cards I made for November's card club. Is it OK to say I love them? Something nostalgic about them. They remind me of an old fashioned Christmas card with a modern touch.

This first card I gave to my dear friend Louise. Our kids play together and so do we. Scrapbooking is our shared passion, but we have so many things in common. The best part is our kids enjoy being together. That is why I chose her to receive this card. It reminds me of our kids. I didn't buy this stamp set (yet) so she gets an exclusive "Heather Creation". LOL

Does this remind you of your childhood? We had so many family traditions growing up, but the tree was one of the ones I cherish the most. That is why I sent this one to my mom and dad. I hope it puts a smile on their faces as they remember the good times we shared as a family and they had growing up in theirs.

There are just a few things I want to point out about these cards. It's all in the details. The ribbon is oh so pretty. I cannot decide whether I like it better wrapped like a package around the card with a pretty bow, or the ruffled ribbon going down the side of the card and tied off with an antique brad. Which do you prefer? Oh, and the bling around the images are stickles. The demo used chunky glitter, and I didn't have any! (Thought I did) It turned out sparkly with the stickles, but the glass glitter looked even better!


Louise in WA said...

Love my card :) and all of your creations. What is stickles?

Heather said...

Stickles is a type of glitter glue. It comes in all different colors. :) I find it hard to run it in a straight line, but I use it lots for little dots and swirls on my scrapbook pages as well as cards. It takes a loooooooooong time to dry, but once it's dry it doesn't come off like regular glitter does.