Mistake or Creative Embellishment?

What is the difference between a beginner and experienced scrapbooker?  A beginner makes mistakes, while a seasoned scrapbooker makes "opportunities for embellishment".  ;)  Ok, I still make tons of mistakes, but I am trying to turn them into something I like instead of just starting over.  Can you spot the mistake in the picture above?  How about in the picture below?

Hopefully not.  :)  I trimmed one picture too much, another not enough, and two mats too small.  I didn't want to trim all of them down, so instead I added some twine to all 3 pictures in the bottom left page.  It turned out to be a darling effect I wouldn't have achieved if I had done it "perfectly" to begin with.  The picture on the right is the only one I did the way I intended.  I almost gave up after messing up 3 times in a row, but instead I turned it into something I like better than the original plan.

On the right hand side my biggest mistake is covered up.  See that little tab?  If you pull on the tab you will see my journaling.  It didn't turn out pretty, so I just tucked it behind the photo.  My family and friends can pull it out to read it, but it looks much better tucked away. Originally all four pictures were going to be the same size, but I used the mats I had cut short and trimmed the top 2 photos to fit, giving me more room for that tab.  Again, I like the look better than if they had all four been the same size.

One last look at the two page spread.  What do you think?  Mistakes or Creative Embellishments?

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