Crafting with Kids

My friend gave me the joy of playing "Auntie" to her dear daughter while she and her husband went out to a company dinner last weekend.  Avery and I had so much fun being creative together.  She was excited to make presents for her mommy and daddy, and the night went by super quickly.  Here are some pictures of fun night.

My friend Louise gave me the idea at our church's Wednesday night preschool class.  First she colored the angels, then she painted glue on the angel's gown.  I let Avery choose which color of glitter to use and she chose PINK!  Love having a girl in the house.

After she had glued the angel she spread more glue on the plates and made them sparkle too.  While she watched Polar Express with my boys I punched holes in the top of the ornaments and strung some silver ribbon through them. 

I was planning on decorating the tree with her, but the tree was still too wet to put lights on, so I went with plan B and took her out to my "play room" to find crayons and glitter and sparkly ribbon.  She seemed to like my special room.   We also made some scrumptious Turtle candies, but I didn't take any pictures.  I think she ate more M&M's and pretzels than she put on the tray.  ;)  What are "auntie's" for?

While we waited for the glue to dry and the candy we made for daddy to cool, I gave Avery some bags to decorate.  She had fun putting on stickers, and writing a letter to mom and dad.  I think she had fun.  I know I had fun watching her.   Thanks Brian and Jenna for letting me share some love with your precious daughter.


whimsicalwardrobe said...

oh Heather, these bags and decorations (and Avery too, of course) are SO cute! I didn't know you had a blog - way cool; I will save it and will def be back!

Heather said...

Thanks, Tracy. The blog is fairly new, and I've only put it out there for people to see for about a month now. :)