Back in October or November I took a Holiday Card/Craft class from Cindy at Cindy's Simple Stuff.  It was a birthday present I signed up for back in early May.  (Thanks Mom and Nana!)   This was one of my favorite projects from that day.  As soon as I made it I knew I wanted to give it to someone special.  (Both Mom and Nana came to mind)  Then I remembered my sweet cousin, Lisa, who sends us a card for almost every occasion whether we remember her or not.   She is carrying on the tradition of her mom (Aunt Carol) and our Grandma.  Both of whom have passed away.    The past few years I haven't sent out Christmas cards, but I wanted to start that tradition again.  Receiving a card in the mail always makes me feel special and I want others to feel that way too.

Here is a picture of that special card (open) for my special cousin, Lisa.  It's hard to see in the picture, but those reindeer were cut from a super sparkly copper paper.  Sooooooo pretty!

Here is another view of the card when it is closed.

After I got home I tried to figure out how to recreate it, so I could make another one for my mom.  Unfortunately I couldn't get my measurements right.  I'll have to do some research and try again.  We made another card that day that is just perfect for Nana, if I can bear to send it away.  It's a 3-D card thingy that would look so cute on our mantel.  ;)  Watch for a post on that soon.

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Cely said...

this is so cute, heather! LOVE it! love that leaping reindeer.