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Happy Easter, my friends!  I pray you are blessed with special times today surrounded by special people.  I feel very lucky to still have my boys living at home.  My oldest has to work so he will miss church (on Easter Sunday, I know), but he works as a security guard on the weekends and criminals don't take Sundays off.  :(  He will be home in time for dinner though and for that I am grateful.   As my kids grow up and become adults I am sure their will be more holidays spent without them, so I treasure every one that they are near.

We won't be spending Easter with our extended families, but a recent trip to CA means I did just get to see many of them, including my in-laws and my precious niece.  Scott and I were even able to visit my brother's church last Sunday and I held his baby while he played guitar on the worship team.  Talk about an answer to prayer.  Mom & I couldn't help the tears streaming down our faces.

Speaking of my precious niece, check out those cute bunny ears.   I found them at the Target dollar spot and had to pick them up for Meeka.  Isn't she adorable?!!

She is such a good baby.  She's rolling over and trying to crawl now.  By the time I see her next she will probably be walking.  She seems to be growing even faster than my own babies did.  That is probably because I don't see her often.

Mom & Dad picked up this adorable outfit for Meeka while on a recent cruise.  She looks like a little elf or perhaps a baby hobbit.  So stinkin' cute!

And so happy!

Her bottom 2 front teeth are coming in, so she did a lot of drooling and chewing on her fingers.  (or anyone else's that got to close to her mouth)

Her sweet little laugh lights up my world.

Just in case you missed yesterday's post about Grandma's quilt, here is a picture of her with it.   If you look really close at the table next her you will see my hug you card I sent her between the lamp and the teal mason jar.  :)  It made me so happy that my card made her so happy.

Have a blessed Easter!

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desertskyquilts said...

She is absolutely adorable! I just love the pics with the bunny ears - what a cute idea.