Sew Sunday | Grandma's Quilt | OMG Goal Update

Happy Saturday!  It's a miserable, wet, windy, rainy weekend here in the Pacific Northwest.  Perfect weather for staying inside and sewing!!!  :)  I've made a lot of progress on my Grandmother's lap quilt.  After much deliberation I decided to machine sew on the orange peels rather than sew them by hand. I loved the idea of working on grandma's quilt each night by hand, but the process was going to take to long.  She is in poor health, and I would rather her have those extra months snuggling under my blanket than waiting for me to stitch by hand.

After I had most of my wedges sewn down, I decided to pull in a few more light fabrics to make the quilt look more balanced and lighter.  I didn't have any more of the Charlotte line by Kensington Studio for Quilting Treasures, so I pulled went to my stash.  I had purchased a kit off of Craftsy on black Friday that went with another blue & white quilt I planned to make for my mom's beach room.  (shhhhh, it's a secret)  The fabric line is Summer Breeze III by Sentimental Studios for Moda.

The good news is that my piecing went so fast that I completed my OMG goal early.  As I finished ironing the final seem it occurred to me that I could have folded my 5" blocks in half and pressed to find the center line.  I wasn't really sure how to line up the orange peels, but it doesn't really matter.  Grandma will love it and with her poor eyesight she will never notice that it isn't "perfect".

Speeding up the process means I met my One Monthly Goal early.  Now I need help with choosing the border(s).   I'll be using the yardage I have from Summer Breeze 3 to tie in those fabrics even more.  Would you choose the darker fabric on the left or the lighter fabric on the right for your first border? 


Anonymous said...

I like the lighter one, and then maybe the darker one after, or a darker one. I don't know what your plan is, but the dark seems just too dark because it pulls all the dark blues to the front. The lighter one seems to pull the blues out of the light pieces, and I like it better. I really don't think either one is a wrong choice, though.

Shari said...

It's gorgeous, Heather. I like both options for the border. I say go with want Grandma would be more drawn to. I know you said she's in poor health, but when she wasn't did she dress in light colors, or dark colors? Does she like pastels? Light flowers, or darker flowers? Personally, I would prefer dark. I find dark to be cozy. (I'm weird, I know) However, my sister would probably say the light one to brighten up the room. So.. I will say dark.. What would grandma say? hehe I know she's going to love it either way.. It's an amazing quilt, and you did an amazing job. 💗💗💗