Sew Saturday | Sew Expo Recap

Sew Expo was very inspiring to me this year.  It was also overwhelming because of all the people & vendors. I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what was offered.  If you ever have a chance to attend one, I highly recommend it.  It's a great place for trying out new machines, tools, and furniture.  You might even spot a famous quilter or 2.  ;)  They also have several classes, but I didn't attend any.  By the time I was done going through the event center I was exhausted and still had an hour drive home.

Of course I took pictures of some of the quilts that inspired me in the different booths.  One of them was this American flag made with American Made Brand solid fabric.  I have a future "to-quilt" list filled with quilts I want to someday quilt and a flag is one of them. Check out that scrap rainbow rug too below the flag.  Color-fun!  A couple of my local quilt shops carry this brand and I really like it!  Lots of great colors, high quality and thick.  Not super thick, but not so sheer you can see through it either.  

Think pink!  Breast cancer has touched so many of us and the people we love.  I had to snap a picture of this quilt.  Making a ribbon quilt is on my "future to-quilt" list. 

This quilt above reminded me a bit of the one I made for my niece Meeka.  It has a 4 patch twist to it.  I think I could figure out the pattern just from the picture.
Meeka 4 months old
And because I cannot resist sharing another picture of my niece, let me pause for a commercial break to bring you a current picture of her as she discovers the joy of her own feet and rolling over.  <3

Back to the expo we go...

These modern Christmas trees made my heart smile!  I'm more of a contemporary quilter than a modern one, though I do belong to the modern quilt guild.  There are so many modern quilts that really jump out to me and I have to capture them.  The quilt below is another example of that.

This booth really captivated me and I meant to go back to buy a couple of things after I visited the ladies room, but never made it back.  There were too many people in there every time I walked by.  I did manage to get a few pictures though.  The picture below is a quilt I would like to make.

There is just something about bright rainbow quilts that get me every time.  Why haven't I made one yet?  That will be my goal for 2017.  Remind me in January, ok?  I already have enough goals set for 2016 to last me 3 years or I would put it on this year's goal list.  ;) 

I also took a picture of the tag, so I could find it later.   They were sold out of this pattern.  A picture of information you want to remember later is an excellent idea.

Here is another example of that concept.  They had some fabric here I really wanted to buy, but didn't want to fight the crowds.  They are (somewhat) local to me, so I took a picture of their business "card" and will go on a field trip to their store soon.  :)

As you probably saw in my post about this last month, it was a gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not at all like the typical day we are having today.  The mountain was out in all her glory and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing her pop up around every other curve on the drive home.

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