Sew Saturday | OMG Challenge | March Goal

It's time to set a new monthly goal.  What I really wanted to do was work on my grandmother's quilt, but it's a new project.  I've been doing A Lovely Year of Finishes for so long, that I've been making my goals be items that have sat for awhile and need to get done.  It dawned on me though, that I am doing a new challenge this year, One Monthly Goal.  It's about making a goal each month and seeing it through, so Grandma's quilt is back on the table.  (Thank you, Heidi!)


Grandma wanted a blue quilt so I chose Charlotte by Kensington Studios.

I've cut out all the orange peels and now I need to add interfacing and attach them to their white blocks.  I haven't yet decided whether I am going to sew the blocks on by machine or hand.  If I do it by machine I just might be able to get the quilt finished this month and give it to my grandma when I go down to see her.  If I do it by hand it means more time spent loving working on a quilt for her.  Either way, my March goal is get all the orange peels attached to their white blocks.

The cool thing about this is that last night my husband and both my sons came into my sewing room to talk and all 3 of them made comments about this cool new design.  It might be the first curved piecing they've ever seen me do.  My husband even said this was his favorite design he's seen so far.  He just might get a quilt in this pattern too, if the process for grandma's quilt goes well.  So far so good. 

What are your sewing goals for March?  Be sure to link up with OMG and share them with all of us.


Little Black Cat Quilting said...

I love orange peels! I just finished an orange peel quilt for myself last month. I did my peels by hand but my goodness, it took forever! Lol. I'm loving the blues in this one, it's shaping up to be beautiful. :)

Shari said...

This quilt is beautiful. I love the fabrics you chose, as well as the orange peels. I have a couple of afghans I've wanted to finish, crocheted not sewing, but still want to finish. Sadly, I don't think it will be this month, though.
My mother-in-law machine stitched the quilt she gave us for our wedding, and I love it just the same as if she had hand stitched it. I know if she had more time to work on it, it would have been hand stitched, but we had a short engagement, and she wanted to make sure it was finished by the time the wedding shower rolled around. I know the same amount of love went into it, regardless if it took her 6 months or 6 years.. hehe I know your grandmother will love it!!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful line of fabric, and who doesn't like a blue and white quilt? Obviously, the men in your family have good taste! What a lovely gift that will be. I'm just hoping to do a backing and get a quilt sent out to a friend who is quilting it for me.