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Back in late December or early January I came across an interesting idea on my Facebook feed.  One of my friends shared a link to her blog post about using a bullet journal for her planner. She said it worked so well for her, that she was using the system again for her 2016 planner.  Elaine is a wife, mother, teacher, quilter and blogger.  If it is works for her, then I need to look into it.  So, I visited her blog, and followed the link she shared.  After watching the video from BulletJournal.com I watched a second video by Boho Berry and I knew it was something that might just be the solution to my planner problems.

As a blogger, you tuber, design team member, wife, mother and volunteer I had too much going on some weeks to fit in a traditional planner.  The Erin Condren Life planner worked well for me for some things, but not for others and I found I was missing things that I shouldn't.  The beauty of this method is that I can customize it to fit my needs and if something doesn't work, I just change it up with the next page/week/month.  

In this first video I share why the bullet journal planner method is working for me and then I walk you through my planner so you can see it in action.


My second video shares some of the supplies I use.  You do not need all of these supplies.  A journal, and a pen or pencil can get you started.  I've included this list and the supply links below for your convenience if you want to try out items that are working well for me.

Bullet Journal Planner Supplies

Now for the heart of the matter.  Here is how I set up my monthly calendar.  In this video I am doing March 2016, but the principles are the same for any month, any year.  The beauty of this system is that you can decide when you start, what day of the week you want your month to fall on and so much more.   You can even find a monthly calendar online, print it out and tape it inside your bullet journal planner to save you time.

Personally, I do 2 monthly spreads.  One for my business and the other for my family.  My business has some due dates, but mostly it is for post content, so I know what is going live and when.  My family calendar is for appointments, birthdays, vacations, etc.

March Monthly Set-Up Video

There were a lot of things going on in March that I didn't want the "world" to know about.  A trip my husband and I took without the kids, a design team secret, etc. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to post a picture of my full March calendar.  Now that the month is done, I can do that and post it on Instagram, or perhaps the April bullet journal planner post.

I'm working on a video for how I set up my weekly and daily pages. Come back tomorrow to see that video, or subscribe to my youtube channel to be notified whenever a new video goes up.  My goal is to film my April set up tomorrow, so be looking for that too.

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In the video I mention several people and links that inspired me.  Here is a list.

Elaine Wick messygoat.com
Bullet Journal
Boho Berry
31 Days to Love Your Lettering

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desertskyquilts said...

All those pictures at the end were WAY big and very blurry. I came across the bullet journal idea last fall and wanted to use it, too. I bought a Journal I liked a lot, to print out what I wanted, from an Etsy site, and then I climbed on a different wagon. LOL Your videos were a great idea!