2015 ~ A Lovely Year of Finishes

There is something so sweet about setting a goal and seeing it through to completion.  When it comes to quilting it is all too easy for me to let things slide and start a new project, unless I have a deadline.  If I am making a quilt for an occasion, like a new baby, it is easy, but if I start a new quilt without a plan it can stay in limbo for months, or even years.  When Melissa Dunworth of Sew Bitter Sweet Designs introduced me to A Lovely Year of Finishes I knew it would be a perfect fit.  I've thoroughly enjoyed participating for the past few years in the challenge she and Shanna have run.  Thank you both for all the time you have put into these challenges.

2015 Finale

It is time for the annual wrap-up to see how many finishes we were all able to accomplish in 2015.  One of the things I love about the finale party is looking back on all I have accomplished.  It doesn't feel like I was able to get much sewing done until I look back and see that my "portfolio" really grew in 2015.  Here are mine:

January   Goal

February  Goal

March  Goal

April   Goal

May   Goal

June   Goal

July  Goal

October  Goal

November  Goal

This is my last A Lovely Year of Finishes post because ALYOF is coming to an end.  I want to thank Shanna and Melissa and all the other participants and sponsors for encouraging all of us to reach our goals.  If you know of another good challenge, please let me know.  I'm going to miss the motivation that this simple challenge provided.


Anonymous said...

I'm really going to miss that project! You did work on quite a few things this year. Yay, you! Now, where's a collage of all your cards? =)

Heidi said...

It is so rewarding to see all the monthly accomplishments combined in one post! I met 8 or 12 goals with ALYoF in 2015, and grieved when I read of the retirement!
I hope you will join my new Linkup, One Monthly Goal!