New Class is Live

StampNation has a new class going live this week.  It will be available for sale later in 2016, but right now it is FREE for all members in celebration of StampNation's 5th birthday.  Can you believe StampNation is 5 years old?!!!  Today is day 2 and Maureen is showing us all about masking and stenciling.

I did a stepped up version of this technique back in August.  You can see the video for that in the Inspired By classroom. Here is a sneak peek of that card.

I like this technique so much that I CASEd myself and changed 3+ things to make a new card.  It even made my top favorites of 2015.  Clicky to see the original post. 

I hope you will join us for the stenciling class.  You won't believe how much you can do with this one tool!!!


Alanna said...

What a beautiful card. Love it!

Shari said...

Love these cards. They are so pretty!