Sew Saturday ~ New Beginnings

Welcome to my first edition of Sew Saturday.  Recently I have begun sewing again and found that my love of paper has spread into a love of fabric.  I purchased my new machineback in September, but I've been so obsessed with cardmaking that I have barely touched it.  A trip into our local fabric store changed all that. 

Honestly, I just went in to get some White Moda fabric to make a backdrop for my photos.  In my quest to get the perfect photo in any light, I thought I would try white fabric.  Here is the end result.

Even though the picture here is pretty dark because I wasn't able to get a good daytime shot, you can see that the backdrop is working.  I like it better than the one that came with my light box.

Photography of my cards and layouts is still a work in progress.  :)

Back to my sewing story... I walked in to get that 1 yard of fabric, but....

I came out with a couple of patterns for some new bags and fabric to make the free sample they were demonstrating.  Not to mention being put on their email list which led to me getting signed up for my first ever quilt class and joining the Modern Quilt Guild of Olympia starting up right now.  Yippee! 

Fabric for Farmer's Market bag + Pattern for Bermuda Bag :)

This is turning into a new obsessions, so I am starting a page here on my blog called "Sew Saturday".  My plan is to post what I am working on in the sewing room each Saturday.  If I stick with it and have lots to add I may just start a new blog dedicated to quilting and sewing.  In the meantime I hope that those of you who sew will enjoy coming along on my new adventure.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Kristie Goulet said...

I look forward to seeing some of your sewing creations, Heather!

Kay Jantz said...

Hi Heather! I love your blogs and your creativity! I must tell you however, I love the way you photograph your cards already, in the lovely window ledge. I have been meaning to ask what direction does the window typically face, N, S, E, or W? I am going to get back into sewing myself. I made clothing for my older children and then kind of strayed, but am itching to get with it again now that I am retired, I have more time! I have quilts to do, pet beds, all sorts of cutesy stuff to make with fabric, just need to get my craft room organized in such a way I can get to everything! A crafters dream!!! I look forward to seeing your sewing projects.

Heather North said...

Thank you! I actually prefer my window too. It has great lighting, when the sun is actually out. Unfortunately I live in SW Washington and it's often gloomy/rainy. The window faces South West, which means that I have to take pictures in the morning because it is too bright in the afternoon. So, I am trying to get a good picture for those days when the window won't work. I'm also trying to have a white backdrop for my design team submissions. This way my photo looks more uniform with the other ladies. Still... I like the window better. :)

Carol Hardie said...

Hi Heather .... you and I have so many things in common. Before I started card making I used to sew A LOT, making many of my kids clothes back in the day. LOL I too have been pulling out some fabric from my HUGE stash and making a few totes and a few blankets. I did a small 9-patch quilt for my granddaughter's bedroom when she was born....she just turned 10 and I've never finished it. You may just inspire me to do that. :) On another note, was wondering if you ever had a chance to see if you had the Feeling Sentimental stamp? And BTW, the picture of your cards in the window ledge are very nice, especially on the many gloomy days you have because your cards brighten up any weather. Take Care and looking forward to Sew Saturday.