Sunday Share ~ Too Much Fun!

Over the past 2 days I have had too much fun!  I can tell because I went to sleep last night and didn't wake up until noon today.  Yikes!  Way to show daylight savings time who's boss.  :D

On Friday I met with my friend Louise for another one-on-one class.  Honestly I think she is helping me more than I am helping her.  I'll show you the Easter cards we made later this week. 

Yesterday I went to a stamp camp up above Seattle with my friend, Sherry.  I'm so glad she invited me.  I took almost 100 pictures yesterday and none of them are of the lovely sunny day in Seattle nor Mt Rainier rising behind the city.  Oh my!  I wish somebody was driving instead of me alone so I could take pictures.  It was an awesome day in the Pacific Northwest.  (It's cloudy again today.)  I enjoyed the drive there and back as I soaked up the sun and scenery.

It was a big stamp camp.  There had to be at least 70 ladies there.  The demonstrators all rotated between the tables and we made the projects.  I was so glad I was just a stamper yesterday.  Those demonstrators worked their tails off.

Back to my friend, Sherry.  She brought me a couple cards.   She must know I love lilac because both of her cards used this pretty color.  She even gave me an extra of the Happy Birthday card.

Sherry makes cards for Operation Write Home.  (OWH)  In January she took a bunch of my "extra" cards to send in with her donation.  I'm working on filling up my own box to send to the troops now too.  One of these cards was not for the troops, it was just for us at the stamp camp.

Isn't it lovely with embossed lilac paper on top, sweet ribbon in the middle and glittery background on the bottom with a die cut that reminds me of angels or irises.   Thank you, Sherry.  It's already on a shelf in my entryway so I can look at it every time I pass by. 
We can't send glittery cards to our troops though.  If glitter gets on their uniform they will be visible to night vision goggles.  Can you imagine exposing our troops to the enemy with our sparkly creations?!!!  That is honestly why I haven't sent cards in before.  I'm afraid of covering them in dazzling diamonds!

Sandra Rook is Sherry's demonstrator and she gave us each one of these cards she made.  Isn't it wonderful?  I don't have that floral stamp set, so it was fun to see the images in person.  I love the details on the LHS of the card and the little bit of ribbon poking out of the punched piece on the right.

In addition to stamping and swapping and giving away goodies, they had idea boards and tables set up around the room just overflowing with cards and SU ideas.  Oh my!  That's where the bulk of my pictures were taken. 

Below are all the goodies I made or was given yesterday.  Isn't that great?!  I didn't even win one of the door prize giveaways.   Part of my camp fee was given back to me as a gift certificate so I broke down and bought Lovely As A Tree.  Am I the LAST person to own this stamp set?  I keep thinking SU will retire it because so many people have it, but it continues to live on a classic and now I will join the ranks of others who own it.  I can hardly wait to try the refelection technique with it.

 Did I mention that I had fun?  Oh YES I did!  Thank you again, Sherry for inviting me, and thank you Louise for being my guinea girl.  We are going to have fun trying out all these new ideas together!

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

P.S.  I really want this iron "dress form".  I wonder where they got it.   After seeing all the samples I am extremely tempted to buy the SU dress die cut.  It looks like so much fun to play "paper dolls" with.


Kristie Goulet said...

Heather, it looks like you had a blast! WOW, amazing cards and ideas all around! Thanks for sharing!

Shea said...

WOW - love all the pictures, and you surely had a fabulous time! Believe it or not, I STILL don't have "Lovely As a Tree." LOL!! Thanks for all the pics and the rundown of your wonderful day! LOVE those lavender cards!

Brandie Schmiesing said...

Looks like a ton of fun! And lots of eye candy there! Love all these creations. :-)

Katarzyna said...

Looks like you really enjoyed your day Heather. Some really beautiful cards there. I would love to go to an event like that.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I just gave my Lovely as a tree set to a "new stamper." I rarely used it...they are outdoorsy people...and yes, an SU classic!