Sunday Share

It's been awhile since I shared some photos of what we have been up to.  If you are not family or friends, feel free to skip this post, because it's not about cards.   :)  

Friday we went to the fair.   We got to see the rabbits & ribbons that Nicholas and Logan had there.  Way to go boys!  We also saw Nick's cool diorama. 

The boys had a blast playing laser tag.  (I forgot to take a picture)  Then they were off to the rides.

Michael didn't want to get sick, so he stood by and gave them a "thumbs up" for going around in circles.  I'm with Michael.  Those rides just look dizzying to me.  Instead of the rides, he thought he could win an electric guitar doing the ring toss.  He thought wrong.  :)

Louise and I went to look at the horses.  They had so many there.  It was fun to see them all.  Of course, I didn't take any picture.  Oops.   I did get one last shot of all four of our boys together before going home.

Earlier in the week I took Michael up to Olympia to rent his instrument for band.  He has decided he wants to play saxophone instead of trumpet, and our neighbor Steve let him try one out.  (Steve owns Music 6000 if you live local and want a good music shop!)  He loved it!  While we were there he also tried out a couple of guitars.  Now he wants to save his money for a guitar.  This kid is so musically inclined.  I LOVE it!

I also spent an afternoon with my older son.  Last weekend he passed his driving exam with a 92% and finished his driver's ed class.  Now we wait for school to start again to see if he passed his course.  (RHS sends out a certificate, but the secretaries aren't back yet to do so.)   He is learning how to drive this summer, and we went on a driving expedition.  I don't have any pictures.  :(  I need to take some.  Actually I should take some video.  It would be hilarious!  I have a few more wrinkles this summer, for sure!

The boys had friends over.  They will be getting together with more friends this week.  I thought I took pictures, but I guess I didn't.  As the kids get older I find myself taking fewer pictures. 

We continued working on the shed/shop.  This has been our project all summer.   Mostly it is my husband, and the majority of the work is done on the weekends.    It started in early July with the slab being formed up.  The dogs thought we put in a new heat pad for them.  lol

Next came the cement.

Then the framing went up.  Maximus is curious about why we are building his house way out in this corner of the yard.  :)

The boys have been working hard too.  They were motivated to earn some extra money.

The dogs really do think this house is being built for them.  Especially Max.  Probably because I brought a new kitty home and he wants to escape the house.  LOL.

New kitty picture, in case you haven't seen her.

This weekend has been spent working on the roof, doors, and trim.   I'm off to work, and then hope to help my husband put on the shingles.  He was hoping to finish this weekend, but I think we have another weekend in store.  I don't see this thing being painted, roofed, doored and trimmed today.

So, I don't have any new cards for you today.  I typically do my scrapbooking on the weekend.  Now you can see why I haven't shown any scrapbook pages in awhile.  I don't think I have scrapbooked at all this summer.  :(   But, our summer project will be done in a couple of weeks.  Driver's ed is over. The kids will be back to school in a few weeks, and I can get back to my regular crafty schedule.  (In theory)

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Sally Eidson said...

Hi Heather, you all have been busy! Have I missed out on something? Could this possibly be a new "craft house" for you? That would be so so so nice....just out there by yourself. I've always wanted a little shed / house in the back, but we'd have to get approval to do it in our neighborhood.

Is your pretty new kitty Siamese? She/he's a cutie. I've never been a dog lover, but in the past few years I've thought I might like a "kitty doggie." lol

I love your cards on your blog, Sally from SN.

Heather North said...

Thanks Sally! The shed is just a shed. It will house our yard stuff, and probably have work bench for my hubby. It will also hold our outdoor furniture for 9 months of the year. I am lucky enough to have a hobby room in the garage. Getting out to the shed would not be easy most of the year up here. :) It rains A LOT! If not for that, I would love for this to be my "hobby house". :)

Yes, the kitty is Siamese. Her name is Sasha. We adopted her and she is still a bit "wild". I was never much of a dog person until we got ours. The little dog (shit-tzu) is a lovey dog. She likes to nuzzle right into you. I love the snuggles she gives. Only problem is her breed is difficult to house train. The cat was using the litter box before we brought her home. :)

Bexx said...

I love those whirly rides! Great family pics. At least you know you're generating memories to scrapbook later.

Lynn McAuley said...

We used to live the the county with the largest county fair in Texas. Your wonderful photos have sure brought back some fun memories. We used to attend every year!!

Brandie Schmiesing said...

It's nice to see good ol' fashion family fun! Love it! And that kitten is absolutely ADORABLE! My son wants one so...and I am all for it...talking my husband into it is the challenge! :-)