Just a little update for you.  I'm editing a video and hope to get it up tonight, but right now I have to go pick up my son from a birthday party, and then I am going over to help my friend with a project she is working on for Relay for Life.  :)  After that I need to make dinner, and possibly spend some time with hubby...  Who am I kidding?  Video will be up tomorrow.  :)

Here's a little peak at what you will see tomorrow.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

P.S.  I started filming the video yesterday and my battery died.  By the time it was done recharging my battery was dead.  :)  I was tired.  So I needed to film this morning.  No problem.  Except I completely messed it up and didn't realize until I was almost done, so I had to re-make and film it all.  Ay yi yi.  Thankfully, the sun is shining, it's a perfect 75 degrees outside with a light breeze and I get to look at Mt. Rainier as I drive the mile to pick up my son.  Love my life... I really do!

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