Sew Sunday ~ ALYOF June Goals

June Goals

Nothing like cutting it close to the wire for my A Lovely Year of Finishes goal.  That is how June always is.  So much to cram into such a short time.   My goal for this month is to complete the 3rd block, Duplex, from the class I took this weekend.  If I don't make it my goal, I might never finish.

Shanna & Melissa (ALYOF hostesses) were both at this class. I asked Shanna how long I had to link up with my June goal, and then I told her my dilema this month.  Too much to do, not enough time, and she said her goal this month might just be one block.  Thanks, Shanna, for the encouragement to continue making goals, even if I need to make the smaller for the busy baseball season.

My color palette.  <3 

The class was taught by Elizabeth Hartman, and put on by the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild.  It was based on her Patchwork City book.  I was able to complete the first 2 blocks, but had to leave early and didn't get the 3rd one done.

  Our guild plans on doing a block from her book each month, so this will give me a good jump start if I make it my goal to have this complete before the next meeting.

Here are a few photos from our class.

We also had a trunk show put on by Elizabeth Hartman the night before.  I'll have to wait until next weekend to show you pictures from that.  Right now it is time to go watch a movie and have ice cream with the family.


Marlene Bonetti said...

I would love to see more pics of your "other" hobby!
Have a great day, Marlene

Heather North said...

Thanks, Marlene. I try to post quilting and scrapbooking on the weekends, if I have anything to show. I don't have as much time for those 2 hobbies, so they don't get as much attention on my blog. In fact, I haven't scrapbooked since January. Yikes!

Sandy said...

That looks like a fun quilt. A goal is a goal no matter how small. It definitely helps me to get things done.