Happy Mail

When I was a little girl I had a pen-pal.  Her grandma lived next door to us, in California, but she lived in Florida.  We would write to each other and include stickers with each letter.  My love for "Happy Mail" came way back then.  I remember checking the mailbox each day after I sent me letter on to see if she had sent one back.

Nowadays my mailbox is more likely to be filled with bills, flyers, ads or political propaganda.   I don't race to the mailbox everyday, instead I force myself to stop at the mailbox before pulling in our driveway.  Some days though there is a great surprise and I rip into some happy mail.  It fills me with just as much, if not more, joy today as it did when I was 9 or 10 years old.

I thought I would share some of my recent happy mail with you and encourage you to send a card to a friend this week.

First up is my dear friend, Debbie.  She sent me this lovely quitled heart card for Valentine's Day.  <3  Isn't she the sweetest?  Those are really stitches and thread my friends.  She put  a lot of time and love into this card and it made me tear up a little as well smile.  It matches my home decor so it sits on a shelf in my entryway, when it is not in the window having its picture taken, even though it is now March.

Debbie Tester
aka Inky Fingers

The next card amazes me.  When I joined Stampin' UP! as a demonstrator there were so many options of who to sign up with. I chose Joan Robertson because I had learned so much through her online card clubs and also because her upline was Dawn Griffith.  I'll admit to being a little starry eyed.  I never imagined that I would one day get a card from The Glitter Queen herself.  Thanks to my customers and the customers that have come to me through Catherine Pooler, I have reached the top 5 in sales on her team several times and received happy mail from her.  The card below is one of them, and it inspired my card for the 100th Stampin' Celebration Challenge.

Dawn Griffith
Allison's card was extreme happy mail.  She blew me away when I opened my mailbox and I literally cried.  Ally is on the dream team at StampNation and she is crazy talented with Copic markers.  At first glance I thought she had used patterned paper, but she didn't.  Each flower and dot and shade of color on the front panel was put there with her talented hands.  It's like having a little work of art to greet me on my desk each morning.  What blew me away though was the thoughtful message inside.  She blessed my socks off with just a few words of kindness and appreciation.  <3

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JoAnn said...

Beautiful cards. Lucky you to receive them.