Sew Saturday ALYOF Goal Setting

Last month I didn't make my goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I tried, but  my machine was not happy with my FMQ.  Oh boy, what a mess I made of that poor quilt top.  My thread kept breaking.  I've not had a problem with thread breaks on this machine before, but I haven't done very much FMQ on it either.  Very frustrating month at the sewing machine for me.  Several times I had to just walk away.


I am going to try a 3rd type of thread and see if that helps.  If not, I'm  not sure what I will do with this quilt top.  I don't want to rip it all out, but I might have to.   I tried changing the thread, needle, bobbin, tension, etc.  Any suggestions on dealing with thread breaks would be appreciated.
ALYOF December

Now it is December and time to set my last sewing goal for 2014.  Since it is always a busy month, I am going to set my goal low.  As soon as Christmas is over I can hit the machine again.  For December I am going to try to complete my current applique block.  It is something I can work on at night while my husband and I watch TV.

I have the top layer of the tree, a star, and leaves and berries to add to this block.  It should be a goal I can reach if I will just take time to sit down and relax a few evenings this month.


Melissa said...

I have no idea what might be causing it other than everything you have already done. Thread seems to be the biggest thing with me, oh and I was threading my machine wrong for years! That could be contributing to it. Good Luck!

euclid314 said...

It seems like you have tried everything to fix that thread breaking issue, but I'll throw out just a couple more thoughts.
1) Are you threading the machine with the presser foot up? If it's down when you thread, you'll definitely run into tension issues.
2) Is the size of the needle correct for your thread? I usually quilt with King Tut 40 wt. thread, using a size 14 microtex sharp needle.
3) Have you completely opened up the bobbin area and cleaned it thoroughly, oiling all the parts that the manual directs you to?
4) Have you "flossed" the upper tension disks to make sure no thread pieces or lint globs are stuck in there?
5) Is the thread coming off your spool too quickly and wrapping around the spindle? Make sure you have the spool positioned correctly (horizontally or vertically) for the way the thread is wrapped on the spool.
6) Does your machine have any burrs on the various thread guides that may be gnawing your thread?
Can you tell I have had this thread breaking issue myself many times?!! Mary Ellen

Katie said...

I was wondering if you had gotten my email from last night? Essentially, the above comment said most of what I said, but would love to know if you got it and if you didn't and would still like a copy of it, I will email it again to you. you can let me know either way