ALYOF ~ December

It's hard to believe that another year has come to a close.  I joined in the A Lovely Year Of Finishes halfway through their first year,  so this is my first complete year.  I'm very proud of all I have finished and thankful for the motivation that Melissa & Shanna provide us each month.

December Finish

Here is my finish for December.  My goal was to applique this block. 

December #50

I'm pleased to report I finished this block in record time.  Thanks in part to a sprained ankle that kept me sitting with my feet propped up.  ;)

Yes, my star is crookedy and it looks like my tree is leaning, but I think that is the fun of this quilt.  It isn't perfect.  I'm going for the handmade look and I am achieving it.  LOL  Done is better than perfect (so I am told) and I have to start somewhere.


Katie said...

I think it looks perfect. I couldn't tell in the photo, are you hand applique-ing it?
Take it easy, sometimes sprains take longer to heal than breaks.

Sharon Dawn said...

I love the angles you used for the tree and star! It give it character. Congratulations on your finish! Hope your ankle is revived for the new year!

Sandy said...

I think that's the fun of it, too. It's a darling quilt!