Sew Sunday Swap Share

Yesterday I showed you what I made with the scrap fabrics I received in the South Sound Modern Quilt Guild SSMQG swap.  Debbie asked me if Melissa liked what I made.  I think she did.  ;)

Melissa gets her swap items.

The fun didn't stop there because I got my swap item back.  Oh my, Donna outdid herself!  I had no idea who had taken my swap bag.  It was the supercreative, quilter, scrapbooker, cardmaker and inspiring Donna.  Someday I want to go play in her craft room and hope her creativity rubs off on me. 

Yes, I LOVED it!
 When they announced we would be having a swap and needed to bring a bag of scraps that would equal a fat quarter I wasn't sure I would take part in the swap.  Now I don't think I will miss one.  I had to go home and cut up some fabric to have enough scraps to make a fat quarter. 

Look what Donna made me!   It's a Dresden plate pincushion on top with all my new favorite fabrics in it.  I LOVE it!!!!  The pincushion is attatched to the weight with Velcro so I can take it with me from my sewing machine to my cutting table.  How cool is that?!

The weight was made by covering a ceramic tile with some of my swirly gray fabric.   On the bottom the genius, Donna, put some of this non-slip shelf liner stuff to give it even more stability and ensure my basket won't end up on the ground.

What I thought I wanted was a little trash bag to hang off my table next to my sewing machine so that I can throw little threads and scraps into while at the sewing machine, but the bag she made is so cute I (almost) don't want to use it.

You know how I love details, right?  Check out this little detail.  Donna put a little strap for my scissors to go into on the inside of the bag.

The boning around the top rim helps keep the bag open.  I really need to find out where she got that.   I think it would be great to put in a little trashbag to keep in the car. 
Inside my gift bag was also this lovely hand made card.  Didn't I tell you Donna was creative?   Her card blows me away.  She used my favorite color, purple, and my favorite trendy item, banners to make a card perfect for me.

She even decorated the inside.  <3   Donna, if you are reading this blog post I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so blessed by your gift and will think of you often when I am in my sewing room using it.  The cute little hanging bag is even more adorable than I could have imagined!

If you would like to see some of the other items in the swap be sure to check out the SSMQG Facebook page.  For the first time I had a quilt to show at our sew-n-share.  Here's another look at Tyler's quilt.  We held it on it's side so that you could see my pattern works in either direction.

Disappearing Youth

This weekend I have been working on a Toddler boy quilt for the November Hopeful Threads
challenge.  The top should be finished today and then I will have to decide how to quilt it.  Something easy, I'm sure, because I want to get it done and sent out by the first week in December.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


Kristie Goulet said...

How fun, Heather! Your quilt is amazing!! You are so creative.

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt Tyler is getting! Loved your guild swap. When I saw the name of the guild, I recognized it from Melissa's blog. =) And I recognized Melissa, of course! You are so lucky that she's right there where you can know her in person. Donna did a great job on the pincushion/bag, and on your card. So talented, all three of you!

Heather North said...

Thank you. Tyler loves his quilt.

desertsky, Melissa is even more incredible in person than her blog. I'm honored to get to know her. She started the MQG in Olympia earlier this year and I'm so glad she did! I'm almost over talking to a "celebrity" every time I talk to her... almost..