Out the Window

The challenge this week at StampNation is to "Look Out Your Window" and create something based on what you see.  This is such a fun challenge and I'm really looking forward to seeing what our members from around the world come up with.  Here is my card for the design team.

On a clear day the blue skies up here in Western Washington are unbelievable.  Crisp deep blues without all the smog.  Of course days without clouds are a rarity this time of year, but when the clouds part it is beautiful.

There are still a few leaves on some of my trees.  I could have made another card like the ones I did for the Shoebox Swap a month or two ago.

If you are looking for a window idea, try looking out your card window, office window, or even bathroom window.   We have privacy glass in our bathroom so I thought it might be fun to make a frosted window card.

If you look behind this card you can see how I am inspired to make another card of the sky after sunset.  So many possiblities from this one challenge.   Here a few more ideas of what you can do:

Take pictures out your window and scrapbook them.  Bonus points if you have kids or animals in the picture.
Be inspired to make a quilt based on what you see.
Think of colors, shapes, seasons, etc.

Now for a picture beside my "card window".

Creative Blessings,
Heather North


desertskyquilts said...

Oh, that is the most gorgeous card! I absolutely love that. I used to make a lot of cards (nothing in your class, that's for sure!), but I haven't made any in a long time. There's only so much time, and way too many things I like to do!

Heather North said...

I hear you! Let's start a petition for more crafty hours in the day. :)