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March was a SUPER busy month for me.  April has been too, so far.  I'll be sharing pictures and stories on Sundays for awhile, so if you are here just for cards, please feel free to skip to the bottom of this post.  :)

In early March my husband's Uncle and Aunt came for a short visit.   While they were here we went up to Whidbey Island and they showed us many of the places they had been to when they lived up there.  We stopped in a little down just above Deception Pass for lunch.  As we were looking around for a place to eat I spotted these darling little drain spouts.
Only in Washington.
Deception Pass was amazing!  This is someplace we will come back to with the kids this summer.  I thought it was beautiful. 

As we walked onto the bridge an Eagle flew overhead and landed on a tree across from us.  It's like he was posing for a picture.  :) 

 Then we had another visit pop up for his picture.
We ended the trip with a ferry ride.  It was my first time going onto a ferry in a car.  How fun!  I felt kind-of silly, but giddy at the same time.  We got out and stood on the bow of the boat even though it was cold and drizzly outside.  :)  I just wanted to experience it.  

We passed another ferry on the way across.

The following weekend was the stamp camp I went to with Sherri.  It was a blast.  I still have loads of ideas swimming from that camp.  If only I was home more to play with my stamps.  Since I already shared some of my photos from that on March 10th, I won't bore you with too many photos.  But, just in case you missed that post, here are a couple of photos for you.

And finally a card or two for you, since this is supposed to be a paper crafting blog.  ;)

 During one of the break there was a card swap in the courtyard.  I didn't bring any swap cards, but they let me take pictures of their cards.

This card made me want to get the dress die.  It was so much prettier in person.  My camera battery was low by the time I saw this card.
The art display sent me over the edge.  It's so cute!  If you have the die cut I would love to see what you have done with it.

That's it for this Sunday.  I'll be back next Sunday with more pictures of my travels.  In the meantime I am hoping to get back to daily posting on my blog.  I've got several cards I need to share you.

Creative Blessings,
Heather North

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