Sew Saturday ~ Mini Quilt Exchange ~ Paint Chip Swap

Our guild does some really fun swaps.  I think we have them once a quarter, but it might even be every other month.  Recently we did a paint chip swap that blew me away.  Those who wanted to participate were asked to bring in paint chips in the 2 colors they wanted for a mini quilt.  We then secretly exchanged the paint chips and made a mini quilt for the person whose colors we received.  

I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California.  My family are big San Francisco 49er fans.  One of my second cousins was a player for the 49ers when I was a little girl.  I married a man who is a die hard fan of the 49ers, even when he wants to throw something at the TV because they are playing so bad.   We moved to another small town about 90 miles south of Seattle, WA.  Almost everyone here is a Seahawks fan, but some are more so than others.  My husband said, "just because we moved here doesn't mean we become one of them".  LOL  Personally, I like the Seahawks colors better than the 49ers, but I just can't give up my "home team".  

All that to say, I drew the paint chips of the biggest Seahawks fan in our guild and she chose, Seahawks green and navy blue.  I could have done anything with those colors and considered choosing a generic pattern, but instead I decided to "go big or go home".  To honor this fan I made my own pattern using our guild logo as inspiration.

I had to work in super secret hiding.  My dear husband would not understand.  I snuck fabric into my sewing room and worked while he was away at work.  ;)

In the picture below you can see her paint chips as well as all remaining Seahawks fabric. I knew I couldn't leave that laying around the house.  LOL

As I stood up at our meeting to give this quilt away it occured to me that Terri might not be a Seahawks fan.  Perhaps it was just a coincidence that she chose these colors.  I broke out into a cold sweat knowing I had put my marriage on the line for this mini quilt...

At first she said she wasn't and then she confessed that she had on Seahawks underwear.  Thankfully she is as big a fan as I was told she was and she loved it.  For the quilting on this one I followed the outline of the 12.  It turned out pretty cute and I would make more for my other Seahawks fan friends, but I think I better stick to neutral territory for awhile.  ;) 

 Next week I'll share the over-the-top amazing quilt I received.  I still get choked up thinking about it.  Can you guess which 2 colors I chose? 

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Anonymous said...

That's a pretty nifty looking little quilt. I don't know the significance of the 12, but I like it anyway. Interested in seeing what you received. No clue what colors you picked, unless it was the 49s!